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The developments we support are not really 'our' projects. We provide targeted support to programmes that are planned and managed by Ethiopian organisations. This ensures that our support brings long-term benefits without long-term input from us.

The groups that visit Ethiopia are experienced in planning and delivering similar services in UK. We use that experience to understand needs and priorities, to explain them to supporters in the UK, and to report on how the money makes a difference.


Jidda woreda (administrative district) is two hours drive north from Addis Ababa. After our initial visit in 2007 we have made 8 further trips. Roughly half of our funding has been at schools and health facilities and half for provision of clean water. In early 2016 political troubles forced us to scale back our involvement. We returned in 2018 and decided to focus our future support on clean water.

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Meserete Wogeram kebele (civil parish) is in the Gurage zone half a day drive south of Addis Ababa. We visited with SUNARMA in 2013 but wanted to keep our focus on Jidda. However, the area escaped the unrest that kept us from Jidda so in 2016 and 2017 we funded clean water, sanitation and improvements to schools.

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SHEPEthiopia is a working name for the "Support for Health and Education Projects in Ethiopia", UK charity No. 1161261

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