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Dembel Primary School


Our first gift to a Jidda school were desks for the two classrooms at Dembel School. Each classroom can take up to 50 students in the morning and different 50 in the afternoon.


These desks, bought with money raised by Radbrook school, transformed school life for children. They were made in a local workshop, providing employment too.


The village Elders were delighted. Most of them would not have been to school themselves, so they saw this as a big step forward for their children.


We followed up with some reference books for their library, and then paid a local craftsman to make these shelves.


Radbrook School’s PTA collected good quality sweatshirts donated by parents when the school changed its uniform.


The following year, there were still plenty of them in use. Badatu, Radbrook’s traveling doll, was there too.

Radbrook Primary School

Radbrook Primary School in Shrewsbury was the first Shropshire school to support the charity.

Since 2009, the school has organized sponsored walks, hosted charity stalls and donated large amounts of redundant school uniform as well as a considerable amount of money.

Their link school in Jidda is Dembel School which now has lots of proper desks, text books, educational equipment, sports equipment, bookshelves and a special radio that will record educational broadcasts.

Radbrook’s funds also helped pay for a new water well and Health Post facilities nearby.



SHEPEthiopia is a working name for the "Support for Health and Education Projects in Ethiopia", UK charity No. 1161261

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