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Debelli Ganjo School


Debelli Ganjo’s enthusiastic group of teachers. We began by providing sets of books and some bookshelves, then moved on to desks.


In 2014 we delivered a complete football strip, donated by St Giles’ School, nearly 4000 miles away…..


...and a volleyball net and footballs too.


This is the school (pupil and staff) toilet block, useless because it was full!


We paid for a tanker to come from Addis Ababa to empty it, hopefully giving several years’ more use.



St Giles School, Shrewsbury

St Giles School in Shrewsbury has supported Debelli Ganjo School since December 2013, and has made very generous donations of money collected at Christmas events.

They also donated a full soccer strip. They have funded books and bookshelves and other educational and sports equipment.

Their latest fund-raising effort paid for Debelli Ganjo School’s very full toilet to be emptied using a tanker that came from Addis.



SHEPEthiopia is a working name for the "Support for Health and Education Projects in Ethiopia", UK charity No. 1161261

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