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Sirti Kindergarten


This is the very cramped building that was used when the nursery opened in Sirti. The community built a brand new building...


...quite luxurious compared with the school buildings in the surrounding villages.
But with no furniture.


These young children are sitting on chairs, and at the locally-made tables we purchased.


We have also helped by taking picture books collected at Woodlands Nursery.


There is very little money to pay for educational equipment. In 2014 we gave the teachers sets of teaching posters to go on classroom walls.


These children are singing and clapping and making lots of music with the percussion instruments we brought from England.

Woodlands Nursery,
Hope Bowdler

Woodlands Nursery in Hope Bowdler has been supporting us since 2011 and has taken particular interest in the kindergarten in the one small town, Sirti.

Most of the teachers, nurses and other staff who come to Jidda are in their first job. It is not a popular posting compared to places with a large town so recruitment is difficult. When people start their own families they are keen to move away to somewhere where their children will get access to better services.

The kindergarten was started by the 'town council' as a way of helping the town develop into place where young people would want to come and stay and to make it possible for women with training and a few years' experience to get back to work when they had children - so not very different to the UK.

The town kids are better dressed than those in the rural schools but there is no money for school facilities. By funding some of those we are helping not just these children but all those who are helped by keeping experienced staff in the area.

In 2015 we took out a package of books that Woodlands has selected as being suitable for these children.



SHEPEthiopia is a working name for the "Support for Health and Education Projects in Ethiopia", UK charity No. 1161261

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