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In Jidda we have helped schools and health facilities through liaison with the local Health and Education officers.
Support for clean water in the same communities is via Ethiopian NGO SUNARMA who introduced us to the area.

Please note: Our work with schools, health posts and health centres has now ended. We have kept those pages as a summary of what we did and how we went about it.

We have continued with our support clean water via SUNARMA.

Health (2009-2016) health

Health Posts are the first contact that people have with the health system. They are staffed by local women who have finished school and done a training course. Health Centres are staffed by nurses, midwives and technical staff.


Schools (2009-2017) schools

We have provided support, mainly furniture and books, to seven schools ranging from a nursery school to the secondary school.


Clean Water (2010-2019) water

Roughly half of our financial support in the district has been for clean water. Sixteen hand-dug wells have been funded from Shropshire, providing a basic supply of clean water for over 4,000 people.


About the area Jidda

Jidda is an area of rolling countryside with clusters of houses and small hamlets with a few recently built gravel roads.

There is just one small town, Sirti, which is the administrative centre and has a weekly market.

People grow their own food. In most years the food security status is classified as 'stressed'.

Even in normal times many people are under-nourished. Children are small for their age, people look old for their years.



SHEPEthiopia is a working name for the "Support for Health and Education Projects in Ethiopia", UK charity No. 1161261

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